Does your surface meet the Australian standard AS/NZS 4586 Required?

Tile Safe give a FREE written report including our test results of the surface treated after completion of works as part of our service to you.

Slippery floors in public spaces are a major risk to the safety of the pubic a substantial risk to your organisation.  The risks and be reduced or avoided by a simple treatment of the floors in your commercial premises. 

Due to the inadequacies of available floor treatments we have researched and developed our own unique product.  While initially developed for tiles our treatment is also suitable for large indoor and outdoor public spaces with other surfaces such as concrete, timber or marble.

Tile Safe tests the slip resistance of your floors before and after treatment so you have verifiable proof that your floors are safer.  This significantly reduces your Workplace Health and Safety and public liability risks.

A fall on a hard surface like tiles can be a major life changing event.  Not only can it be very painful, but recovery can be a slow tedious path for those who are injured and those offering care and support.