Too late to prevent Dan’s son slipping accident

Tile Safe was born from what could have been a preventable accident on slippery tiles.

It wasn’t long after Tile Safe’s Managing Director, Dan O’Connor, and his young family had moved into their new home and his son slipped over on the outdoor tiled area. None of the family were aware how slippery the tile surface was until it was too late.

The search and research for an Anti-Slip solution

Researching for a solution to future accidents, Dan discovered there was no reliable or permanent anti slip treatment solution for existing tiles.

From his engineering experience, Dan knew the floor sealers on the market did not stick to tiles effectively, so with a chemist he developed a product that would achieve the non-slip surface resistance he required in his home.

Years of testing and the launch

After many years of testing and development, Tile Safe was launched to help other families prevent avoidable accidents and slips on tiles. Tile Safe also introduced non slip coatings for other floor materials, including timber, marble and stone.

Based in Mordialloc, Tile Safe works across Melbourne metropolitan suburbs and inner regional Victoria.

Workplace Health and Safety

Beyond residential, Dan has grown Tile Safe to meet the Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Compliance Standards of commercial floor and stair areas with a product line extending beyond anti slip floor treatments and into safety stair thread nosings, anti slip specialty tapes, tactile and architectural surface indicators, high visibility rubber wheel stops and quality, large entrance mats.

Safety experience spanning 15 years

For Dan, Tile Safe is a simple vision of making floor surfaces safe, whether that be in the home or workplace.  The Tile Safe team has 15 years’ working experience in large corporations, retirement villages and residential homes and will treat your property better than our own – like it’s our mother’s home!

Dan’s Guarantee

You are protected by more than our word. You are protected by our guarantee we will not leave until you’re happy.

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